Horses 3dsMax v2


Realistic horses with saddle, reins and horseshoes. 

  • PBR standard Physical materials
  • Texture based muscle system
  • Render setup for Vray
  • Different hair styles
  • Organized scene with detailed Layers
  • Clean topology and high resolution textures (4k to 6k)
  • Fully rigged and animated in 3ds max including the following animations :
    1. Walk (loop 35 - 62)
    2. Gallop (loop 80 - 94)
    3. Rise and Stand on back legs (100 - 215)


3dsMax 2017+ (Vray Render, Scanline Render)

FBX (Static Geometry, UV´s, Textures)

DAE (Static Geometry, UV´s, Textures)

OBJ (Static Geometry, UV´s, Textures)


  • Hi-res and very detailed textures, up to 6K.
  • PBR Materials & Textures included for Black, Brown, Brown Dark, Brown Light, Brown Light Mottled, Brown Pale Dark, Brown Pale Light, Champagne, Chestnut, Chestnut Mottled, Chestnut White, Cream, Light Gray, Mottled Gray, Pale, Pearl Dark, Pearl Mottled, Percheron, Pinto, Pinto Black, Pinto Bright, Pinto Light and White.
  • Black, Blonde, Brown and White Hair included with Long & Short styles (Caches included) and a “low poly” Polygonal strips version.

                POLYS         VERTEX

Horse         5.396            5.406

Mane(1)     1.248            2.600

Tail             1.584            3.300

Saddle      18.782         18.778

Reins        14.818         14.948

Release Notes

Improvements in viewport load

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