Pack – Hyperreal Solar System

Ultrareal dynamic earth, moon and planets shader with extreme high resolution textures (up to 12k).

Features included: Viewport sliders to control the materials key functions (MAX & C4D). Night lights or Aurora dynamic response to darkness (optional feature you can disable in earth and other some planets). Ultrareal fog model with volumetric atmosphere.

Ready-to-render (few seconds per frame) setup and environment with default renderer, no external renderers required. Suitable even for extreme close-up and low altitude shots (see thumbnails).

Bonus: free up to 12k resolution diffuse, clouds, landcover, nightlights, bump, normal and topology maps. You may replace those with your own commercial textures. Very short render times. Starfield (resolution independent MAX & C4D).

This shader models doesn’t require external plugins or other software to create images like the thumbnails shown.

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