Animated Lion

Fully rigged and animated lion.

Subdivision ready. Modifiers stack history. 3000x3000 texture maps: diffuse, specular, bump, opacity, Hair density and Hair thickness. This asset includes 2 versions: One with 'Hair & Fur' 3dsmax native hair. 40078 quad polygons:8086 body.2880 claws.120 eyes.28992 geometry whiskers and hair.33094 hair generation objects.

One with alpha map strips hair. 46579 quad polygons:8086 body.2880 claws.120 eyes.10173 alpha strips hair.25320 geometry whiskers and hair. Scanline render setup with lights and render setings included. Full skeleton IK bones setup with customized motion controllers. All bones and objects named properly.



3ds Max 8 

3ds Max 2009



Diffuse Map_________3K

Bump Map__________3K

Opacity Map_________3K

Specular Map________3K





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