Pack – Adult Males and Female

Realistic and very highly detailed males character.

It includes full body and clothes. The models includes the control mesh with no subdivisions ready to subdivide. Different high resolution maps for both face, body and clothes. Perfect for extreme close-up shots. The models has perfect edge-loops based topology with rational polygons count. The hair has been created as an alpha-textured mesh objects and does not require any additional plugin.

Realistic and very highly detailed female character


– 3DS Max 2010
– Cinema 4D R11
– Lightwave 9.6
– Softimage 2010
– Maya 2010

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Adult Male&Female Megapack_XSI
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Adult Male&Female Megapack_Textures
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Adult Male&Female Megapack_OBJ
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Adult Male&Female Megapack_MB
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Adult Male&Female Megapack_MAX
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Adult Male&Female Megapack_LW
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Adult Male&Female Megapack_FBX
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Adult Male&Female Megapack_C4D
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